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These courses include many details, techniques and tips not normally explained in contemporary books.  The courses were created with information obtained from rare antiquarian books that explained and described the processes used to create antique furniture of the previous centuries.  This included styles, types of woods, materials, fasteners, finishing techniques, finishing formulas, and joinery methods.

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The Principles of Furniture Restoration

If you want to enjoy antiques as a hobby, preserve family heirlooms, restore, repair, care for your own collection, or start a business for the repair and restoration of antique wood furniture, this is for you.  If you have no experience with antique furniture, start here.

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Restoration of Antique Wood Finishes

This is a beginner course for the restoration of antique furniture finishes.  The course will teach you the basics of antique furniture finish restoration.  The same techniques used by museum conservators.  Antique wood finishes are at the mercy of their environment.

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Repair of Antique Wood Furniture

Learn basic repairs that are common to antique furniture using correct materials.  This is a beginner course for antique furniture repair.  Watch chairs, cabinets, moldings, drawers, rails, tables, and a bookcase being repaired.  Learn what tools and methods are acceptable practice for antiques.

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